EV Charger

We’re Alfa Power

The newest venture from the forward-thinking Group Alfa.

Power up with Alfa Power

Alfa Power are forming strong partnerships with EV manufacturers, and landowners to offer better value for EV customers throughout the UK.

About Alfa Power
Our background

Group Alfa is an agile consortium of businesses with a portfolio of products and services that aligns strongly with environmental sustainability and ethical practice.

Our EVC network

Alfa Power is developing an extensive network of Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) points, powered by renewable energy, and in locations where there is a genuine business case.

Green energy

Switched-On, a sister company of Alfa Power, supplies our chargers with 100% renewable, green energy.

The future

Our aim is to rapidly expand our current footprint without jeopardising the quality of charging.

Our chargers will be strategically positioned in prime locations throughout the UK, such as; hospitals, universities, shopping outlets, and gyms.